Family Pictures at Thames Barrier Park

Lovely weather means, a few snaps of my tiny family! Was at Thames Barrier Park. The park is family friendly. Wonderfully clean and modern. Highly recommend you visit the park,parking is free which helps! Hope you also enjoyed the lovely weather today!





I love the editing part of photography. For me, I get to unwind with a cup of coffee and enjoy the images that I have taken. During the shoot, it can get stressful at times to look back on the back of the camera. When I’m editing, I make subtle changes to my images. I prefer it that way. For me, when I’m editing, I keep three words in mind, which is to keep my images fresh clean and modern.

Good night everyone :-)


Qais Kohkan- Lifestyle Shoot

He and his family left war-torn Afghanistan in 1989 and moved to Pakistan. Humble, charming, ambitious, passionate and very fun to be around. Now based in the UK, Mohammed Kohkan –  Masha-Allah, is doing very well. The Kohkan family had wealth and all the luxuries. But they had lost everything besides their faith in God with determination and passion to rebuild their lives.  We all could only imagine war through our news channels, but to experience this we will probably never know. Mohammed’s personal story is truly amazing yet carries a lot of sadness. But that’s in the past now… Potential business lined up, his future looks good in-sha-Allah.











Gus and Maria Engagement Shoot

Hello everyone. Its been a long time here!! its been crazy and busy working on a few up coming projects!

Check out Gus and Maria’s engagement photoshoot. They were a great couple to work with. And being part of such an important stage of their lives was truly wonderful, especially as it was all a surprise to Maria. Maria thought she was going to Paris for a Birthday Photoshoot!

Message to all the guys out there, this will be a hard one to beat! Have a look at the pictures and video that captured the special moment, and please let me know your thoughts. If you want a fairy-tale engagement story of your own please get in touch:-)

Surprise engagement shoot in Paris, France
The beautiful and most amazingly emotional moment! Eiffel Tower Shoot

Sanir, Razia and Keyaan Family Shoot + NEW Website Info

Razia, Sanir and Keyaan gave me the perfect opportunity to shoot the images that I have always wanted to create.  I am  slowly shifting to shooting more Lifestyle Photography as I love improvising on the day. It’s so much more fun! Keyaan was too adorable, he is a naturally gifted poser! Throughout the shoot he was trying to emulate his dads poses! Love him!

I want to also thank Khaleda (my sister-in-law) who also helped out on the day with shoot ideas and accessories ;-) and without her presence, things would have moved so much more quicker! I am joking of course, she had a broken hand, bless her ;-) She was fantastic!

There are lots of stuff happening with my business…

Here is a sneak peek of my website, click here to jump there now….(remember to sign up to launch offers and discount!:-)

New website! Cant wait to officially launch my site
New website! Cant wait to officially launch my website, customised by me, visit: and sign up to discounts and launch offers :-)

New font… I just love fonts, and this font called Bell Pro is my new friend….Absolutely in-love with this font :-)

New Font :-)

Mini sites! Dedicated custom designed websites by me, for all my clients going forward!….Head over here to see Razia and Sanir’s!

Razia and Sanir custom website designed by me! visit: www.
Razia and Sanir custom website designed by me!
visit: www.

Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0313 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0314 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0315 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0316 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0317 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0318 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0319 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0320 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0321


Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0328 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0329 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0330 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0331 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0332

The beautiful couple!
The beautiful couple!

Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0334 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0335 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0336 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0337 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0338 Gift_from_Bride_Groom_photographer_ww.rahimhuda.com_photo_0339

Have  a great Monday Friends here :-)


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